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Have you got a feeling that "Vallee du Luxe" (Valley of Luxury) sounds like a new name among the Ukraine's luxury market operators? It is not really so. "Vallee du Luxe" is in fact a brand new project launched recently by a team of top professionals who have got a profound seventeen-years-long experience on the market and were among those who helped give birth to this business in Ukraine.

Vallee du Luxe Team. Almost every member of our team is well known to everybody who had at least once bought an exclusive Swiss-made timepiece or a jewelry item of the leading global brand names. The excellent team-work of our company is secured by many top professionals - from the company management officers to the consulting sales people - and backed by the long experience of successful operations in the most advanced segment of this exquisite business, by the perfect reputation of the company among its foreign manufacturers and, last but not least, by the brand new glamorous chain of luxury boutiques bearing the name of "Vallee du Luxe".

Core business of Vallee du Luxe Company is retail sales of exclusive Swiss-made timepieces, jewelry of leading European brands and the VIP gifts that are designed to meet the special tastes of our clients.


It is also very traditional for us to be always open to cooperation with our dealers, as we strive to offer them the best and most convenient forms of partnership in any segment of the Ukraine's luxury market operations.


New boutiques of our company are designed to make you happy by not only the exciting and comfortable interiors but also by the attention and care that you will immediately feel in there from our sales people. Be sure that our objective is never limited just to selling you one or another luxury item.


Our top priority is to become your reliable and life-long friends and partners in every situation when you are in need of an exclusive gift. Be sure that we will spare not a grain of our attention, knowledge, time and hospitality to make you feel happy and at home and be even more pleased by your next visit accepting us as your reliable friends when you expect to find and acquire a new beautiful item.


Be sure you are always welcome, please come and feel at home, the doors of our Valley of Beauty are always wide open to you!



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