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We offer the following watch repair services to the clients:


* Free warranted maintenance of timepieces, as provided by the relevant warrants for the watches purchased through the chain of retail shops of Vallee du Luxe, distribution network of Vallee du Luxe, аnd in accordance with the relevant international warrants. More details on this free maintenance service are readily available: please call +380 (44) 235 85 45


* Non-warranted payable maintenance service of Swiss-made timepieces.

List of services offered by the Service Center:

  Movement speed check and adjustment;

  Sealing quality check and resealing when necessary;

  Watch “repass” that mean the complete rehabilitation of the watch movement in case of serious malfunction or complete preventive maintenance of the movement required once in three to five years as recommended by the leading producers of mechanical watches;

  Rehabilitation or replacement of some parts of watch movements and/or cases;

  Watch case and/or bracelet cleaning and polishing;

  Installation of new straps and bracelets; adjustment of the bracelet size;

  Glass replacement; and

  Replacement of batteries.

Dear Clients.

Please note that our company condemns and under no circumstances will accept the fake watch making industry and its market products, and for this reason our service personnel will never waste their time to maintain and serve non-genuine (fake) timepieces and their movements.

We once again emphasize in this context that we are always in position to help you and support your selection of genuine Swiss-made timepieces. Every staff member of the retail chain of Vallee du Luxe is always at your service

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Уважаемые клиенты.
Информируем Вас, что в связи с жестким осуждением и не
принятием нашей компанией такого явления, как рынок
неоригинальных часов, в целях сохранения рабочего времени наших
часовых мастеров, мы не осуществляем ремонт любых не оригинальные
часов /fake/ и их механизмов.
В свою очередь, мы будем очень рады, если в вопросе приобретения новых
наручных часов, Вы сделаете свой выбор в пользу подлинных,
швейцарских, оригинальных и в этом, с радостью, Вам помогут
специалисты нашей розничной сети Vallee du Luxe ( клик на адреса


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